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5 Things Your Black Friday Funnel Needs To Bond With Customers Quickly

So your customers come back for more after the frenzy wears off!

Even if you only do one of these five things, your brand will be the one your customers remember when the turkey coma and buying frenzy wears off.

And if you’re asking why you should care (since you’ve already made the sale), then this blog probably isn’t the right place for you. But I’ll tell ya anyway. Because: customers who remember you a week after they’ve bought something from you are more likely to:

  • use the things they bought from you and get results (aka Customer Success)
  • open your emails and pay attention to future offers (easier Email Marketing)
  • buy from you again (higher LTV)
  • refer their friends to your offers (aka Free Marketing)
  • engage with your brand on social media, tag you in their posts, and leave reviews (more Free Marketing)

So if things like customer success and growing a community of amazing people who actually want to hear from you again is equally as important as the money you made from a single event, then keep reading.

1. A memorable Thank You / Order Confirmation page

This is your last chance to “stick” to your customer, so it NEEDS to stop them in their tracks and make a memorable impression!

Without a stand-out thank you page, your new customer might not recognize your emails when they show up the following week. They might forget they bought anything from you.

So the first step to turning customers into brand champions is bonding with them right away.

Your Thank You page is also their FIRST TASTE of “working with you” and it can make or break whether they come back for more when the buzz dies down.

If you’re not sure how to make your Thank You page more memorable, keep reading. The other tips will help you create a Thank You page that turns first-time buyers into raving fans and repeat customers.

2. A compelling reason to open your emails

Don’t rely on subject lines to do all the work!

So many emails end up in the promotions tab or the junk folder (especially when the Email Service Providers see that you’re sending multiple emails per hour during the buying frenzy).

The best way to make sure your customers seek out your emails and open them is to give them a compelling reason to look for them. (And no, simply saying “Check your inbox” on the Thank You page isn’t compelling.)

Before you send them away from your Thank You/Order Confirmation page, get them excited to see you in their inbox!

πŸ‘™ Make it tangible, curious, sexy, or whatever fits your brand so that they can’t stop thinking about it until they find that first email from you.

πŸ“š Humans remember images more than words, so use images to SHOW them a tangible benefit of opening that email.

For example, if that email will have a link to a PDF, show them a mockup of the PDF. If it will have their login details, show them an image of a key and lock or a screenshot of the members area or whatever will help to illustrate WHY they need to open that email.

πŸ’¨ Imagine them being in a race to buy as many things as possible in the next 2 hours and think about what’s going to stand out to them while they’re in this mindset. What will interrupt the pattern and get them giggling or saying “WOW” before they leave your Thank You page.

Think of this as an open loop that they can only close by opening that email and getting the punchline.

Hey, if it fits your brand, go ahead and tell half of a joke and then deliver the punchline in the email!

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3. Results related to the reasons they bought this offer

(No matter what you sell ~ physical or digital ~ you can deliver a taste of the result immediately.)

I get it, everyone is buying quickly on BF and then moving onto the next thing.
No one wants to spend 10+ minutes getting started on whatever they just bought.

But you don’t need more than 60 seconds to give them a taste of success. And when you do, they will fall in love with your brand and come back for more.

🧐 Look at the main reasons your ideal customers would buy this thing from you (hint: it’s usually an emotion that they’re craving!) and find a way to deliver at least a taste of it immediately after they purchase.

Put this at the top of your Thank You page. It’s that simple!

Examples of how to deliver an emotion in less than a minute:

  • Images/GIFs that make them feel a certain way. (People celebrating/jumping up and down/cracking a bottle of champagne, taking a relaxing bubble bath, looking over their freshly decluttered room with a sense of joy and satisfaction, cuddling up to their smiling child, etc.)
  • Validating their WHY for buying this. (Use that first sentence at the top of the page to say something like, “Hello gorgeous, I can’t wait for you to see yourself in the mirror when this arrives at your door.” or “Smart choice! You’re already ahead of your competition and by the end of this course you’ll have 30 new sales leads.”)
  • Bonding with them over shared values. (“You’re our hero! You just saved 5 plastic bottles from polluting the ocean and to thank you, we’re going to plant another tree in your honor!”)

Easy right?
It really is. And in the words of the magnificent Maya Angelou, β€œI’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

What will YOUR customers feel after buying from you? Look at your Thank You page to find out!

4. A delightful surprise

Give them some kind of pattern interrupt. Something they weren’t expecting that slows their scroll.

It could be an added bonus that they only find out about after they’ve completed the purchase. Something that really wows them. (Surprise plot twist)

It could be something they just aren’t used to seeing from other brands. (A surprising way to see video used or a high-touch, personalized thank you gesture.)

Or it could be something that’s happening live at the moment they complete their purchase. (A live surprise party and they’re the guest of honor.)

The possibilities are literally endless and a little creativity will help you figure out which one works best for your brand and your time/resources.

If you’re not sure what you could do to surprise your customers, think about what YOU would like to see in the middle of your own BF buying frenzy.

What would get your attention and make you want to become bff’s with that brand in the weeks that follow?

5. Give them something tangible to look forward to

My favorite example of this is to do a live workshop the following week that’s only available to people who bought this product/service.

I like the workshop idea because it doesn’t take much extra work or prep. You mostly just show up prepared to present something. You don’t need any kind of sales funnel because it’s only available to your list of customers.

And you don’t have to promote it or include it on the sales page (unless you want to). You can simply announce it as a bonus on the Thank You page and in the first emails. (Of course, it also makes a great “limited time only” bonus, if you have the extra time and energy to promote it.)

The workshop should be specific to what’s going on in their world at that time.

So for a post-Black Friday workshop, it might be something related to surviving December (in a way that’s specific to what they purchased from you) or setting New Year’s goals, or creating a strategy for 2023. This makes it irresistible (solves an immediate problem) and gives them a compelling reason to show up instead of waiting.

This is a GREAT way to make sure they come back after the frenzy has passed. It also reminds them why they bought from you in the first place, what they bought from you, and gives you a powerful way to bond with them right away.

Ok, which of these tips are you most excited to use for your Black Friday/Small Business Saturday offers?

Tell me in the comments below and tell us about what you’ll be selling!

Bonus points if you share screenshots of your Thank You pages on your social channels and tag us!

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