Ready to make your business better for the planet and people? Let’s have some fun with it!

We made a fun bingo card that you can use as a checklist of things you can do to make your business greener, cleaner, and more sustainable. And here’s the thing ~ you don’t have to win this bingo game to be a force for good in the world.

  1. Start by marking off all the squares that match your current situation. Then look at the rows you’re closest to completing.
  2. If you’ve cleared a full row ~ congrats! You’re amazing and you’re making a huge difference in the world! 🎉🎉🎉
  3. But if you’re a square or 2 shy of completing a row, then those are the areas you should focus on next.

And if you can’t check off a single box, that’s OK too. We all start somewhere.

Use this bingo card as a guide to help you make your business better for people and the planet.

You can also use it to vet the brands you’re thinking about buying from.

Rows of boxes with text inside them styled like a bingo card and the title text at the top says "Sustainable Biz Bingo." The boxes include different ways a small business can become cleaner, greener, and better for the planet and people.

You don’t have to check off every square to be a winner!

Just pick a square you don’t currently have in your business and make that your next step. Keep going until you’ve cleared all the squares that make sense for the type of business you have.

Easy right?

Click here (or on the image) to open a full-size copy of the bingo card that you can download and/or print so you can refer back to it as your business grows.

And tell us in the comments ~ which ones can you check off today? Which ones will you check off next?

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