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Eco-friendly, Sustainable Brands You’ll LOVE To Buy From

I’m kind of shocked how hard it STILL is to find truly eco-conscious, sustainable (100% plastic-free, low waste production methods, fair wage & healthy working conditions) clothing and products, so when I find a brand I like, I want to share it with everyone!

That’s why I’m sharing my go-to brands for daily household products, jeans, clothing, bedding, swimsuits, rain ponchos, and more. (And nope, none of these are the kind of links where I get anything in return, so rest assured this isn’t a ruse to get you to click anything…)

Household brands who refuse to use any plastic in their products or packaging.

Clothing brands who use organic, sustainable fabrics plus production methods that reduce water consumption and environmentally-safe dyes in factories that pay a fair wage and treat people well.

In recent years, I stopped buying plastic-based fabrics altogether (nylon, polyester, etc.) – which has been HARD (goodbye steampunk and goth clothes) but worth it.

But sometimes synthetic is unavoidable, so I included one company that makes swimwear and another that makes rain ponchos from recycled bottles. (I needed one of each for a trip to Hawaii and these 2 rocked it.) I also found a fabulous brand who does travel packing cubes from 100% recycled plastic bottles, but they don’t ship outside the EU, so I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. (Let me know if you have!)

Check out the list, bookmark them for your holiday (or vacation) shopping, and then let me know which brands I’m missing out on!

Plastic-free Alternatives For You Or Your Holiday Shopping List

🐬 For plastic-free soap, shampoo, conditioner, and more:

Ethique –
@ethiqueworld on Instagram
Ethique offsets CO2 from shipping pollution, plants trees, and all their products are made with sustainable ingredients and ZERO plastic!
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ethique does SO MUCH that it would take a whole blog post to list all their amazing qualities here. Highly recommended, especially their shampoo bars. The first time I used their “Professor Curl” bar, I genuinely thought it was made with magic because my curls had NEVER been so bouncy and gorgeous without product before. And it’s been consistent every wash since then. PURE MAGIC!

πŸ‘– For street clothes, work clothes, and sleep clothes:

Warp + Weft –
@warpweftworld on Insta
Super soft jeans for all genders and wait til you see all that they do to make them sustainably – WOW!
They use the cleanest and most eco-friendly of all indigo dyes, they generate their own power, reclaim the heat they produce, and they even have their own in-house water treatment plant so they can reclaim and reuse as much as possible, reducing their water consumption signifcantly! Denim is one of the biggest water-wasting industries and Warp + Weft have truly revolutionized what it means to make denim sustainably.

Quince –
@onequince on Insta
I practically live in my oversized black hoodie from Quince because it’s the softest most comfortable top I’ve ever owned. Quince has a lot of great clothing and accessories. Most of it doesn’t match my style, which is why I don’t have a lot to say about them. But their ethics are spot-on and the few things I’ve bought from them are some of my fave pieces. So if they suit your style, buy everything they sell!

Pact –
I love that carbon neutral. I don’t love that their catalog changes constantly so if I fall in love with something I buy, there’s little chance I can order a second one. I’m not sure how they’re making that sustainable, unless maybe it’s like seasonal vegetables where you simply can’t get a pair of shorts until they’re in season again? Other than that and the plastic bags they ship things in, Pact would be one of my fave brands of all time. Until then, I’ll keep asking them to ditch the plastic bags and bring back the bicycle shorts with pockets! (I wear them under skirts and it’s like having holsters for my phone and wallet. So awesome!)

Boody –
@boody on Insta
BAMBOO clothing and bedding! Need I say more? Ok, how about B-corp certified, FSC-certified, Eco-cert, and everything is made in factories that are held to the highest standards of labor and environmental practices. Go get you some!
Highly recommend for anyone on your list who needs totally practical underwear, sleepwear, yoga clothing and/or bedding. Everything they make is insanely soft and you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch to bamboo sooner! Men, if you buy underwear from Boody, your lover will have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves.

🧻 For household products:
Reel Paper –
@reelpaper on Insta
100% bamboo toilet paper and paper towels that are wrapped in bamboo paper and delivered to your door every few months in a cardboard box. The easiest way to go green at home and it’s actually really nice not needing to carry this stuff home from the grocery store anymore. One less thing to worry about and you never run out.

HoldOn –
@holdonbags on IG
A plastic-free, compostable alternative to sandwich bags and garbage bags. These bags are absolute GAME CHANGERS! I carry a small one with me everywhere I go for spontaneous beach cleanups. Works in the freezer too. We use the small bin bags in our compost bin so we never have to clean the bin after tossing the scraps. And we use the big bin bags in the kitchen trash can. We also have the small sandwich bags and the gallon size ones. Every single product works wonderfully. I will say that the bin bags will start to break down in the bin if you leave them more than a week with a lot of food scraps in them. But now that we throw the food waste in its own bin, we no longer have any problems with the trash bags making it to the curb in one piece.

πŸ‘™ For rain and swim wear made from recycled plastic:

Waterlust –
@waterlust on IG
Eco-responsible apparel advocating for marine conservation. Shop by color or cause. I love the new black and white orca leggings! This group of ocean scientists and apparel experts are using clothing as a way to educate, inspire, and support you in living a more environmentally sustainable life. You’ll find swim leggings, swim tops, swim one pieces, rashguards, hats, and more.

Rainkiss –
@rainkiss__ on Insta
20+ plastic bottles are saved from polluting the ocean for every poncho rainkiss makes!
I wanted a rain poncho for a trip to Hawaii in the rainy season and I didn’t want something that would fall apart and be thrown away in less than a few uses. Sure, there are “green” ponchos that are smaller, thinner, and you can buy in bulk for your whole group, but I prefer buying high quality things that will last through many, many adventures together. That’s how I found Rainkiss. Every poncho is made out of recycled plastic bottles and it folds up into its own pocket for storage. One size fits most and if we’re being honest, it’s pretty big. The hood is huge and the poncho is baggy on most. Which means plus sized girls don’t need to worry, but you tiny gals might be swimming in it. I absolutely love this poncho and would gladly buy from them again if this one ever falls apart. But it’s sturdy enough, I think it’ll be a decade or so before that happens.

Who Do YOU Think Are The Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Brands?

I’m sure I’m missing out on all kinds of amazing brands. Tell me which companies you love so I can try them out!

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